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Coal Business

Based on our long-term partnership with mining companies overseas, such as those in Vietnam and Indonesia, we can supply stable and competitive coal to customers with demand in Korea and overseas.



We import anthracite used in steel production and smelting, process them to meet the size and grade specifications of our customers, and then distribute them.


Thermal Coal

By importing bituminous coal, an important energy source for industries in general, we supply them to power plants and cement manufacturers in Korea and abroad.

  • Anthracite

    Calorie : 6,500 ~ 7,500kcal

    Specification : FC3~10, S(%)0.4~1.2 (%)75~90, ASH(%)4~18, VM(%), H2O(%)1.5~5

    Size : 0~15(powered coal), 10~50(lump coal)mm

    Volume : approx 200,000mt/year

  • Thermal coal

    Calorie : 3,800 ~ 6,000kcal

    Specification : VM(%) 24~42, S(%) 0.4~1.1, TM(%) 8~37, ASH(%)6~17, HGI 46~70

    Size : 0~50mm

    Volume : approx 1,500,000mt/year